April 16, 2021

What makes Elon Musk The Coolest Guy Of Our Generation

By Vaibhavi Dahake


The founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk is one of the richest person on the planet. But that is not only the reason why he is so infamous. He is one of the most genius people of our gen, Interesting and bizarrely fascinating.


He has founded and co-founded several companies, including: Zip2, PayPal (X.com), The Musk Foundation, SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity, OpenAI, Neuralink, The Boring Company, and Thud. He is utterly genius and brains behind the success of Spacex and tesla.


Musk's out of box thinking and breaking boundaries has gifted the world with many new innovation's which seemed impossible few years back.


 Musk is all about converting science fiction into reality. His projects ranges from Hyperloop, Mars Colony, transforming transport system with Boring Compny, reverse Rocket landing, Starlink are coming into reality.


Musk is sometimes referred to as a thrillionaire, a high-tech entrepreneur looking to turn science-fiction into reality.


He with SpaceX always pushing the Limits of Space Travel. He has done unthinkable, broken many records. An evolution in the space exploration. Musk has managed to reduce the cost of travelling to the space station by up to 90 percent.


The real life Iron Man, Elon musk has an eye for innovation. He is curios and smart. Because of his futuristic and innovative ideas, he has bought changes in space, sustainable energy, transport, AI and many more.


A twitter celebrity, Elon musk has many followers. HE is up to date with the current news and trends and interacts with people. He is down to earth and even keeps up with the memes made on him. A twitter celeb indeed!


Elon Musk is a charismatic billionaire, inspiring many with his otherworldly ideas. e's one of the coolest, most-famous people right now, really unpredictable with his actions as well.


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