Who Developed the Polio Vaccine?

By The News Voice


Feb 25, 2021

Polio is a disease caused by three variants of the poliovirus. The virus, which only infects humans, can damage the neurons that control movement, resulting in partial or complete paralysis.


A person can become infected with the virus by consuming contaminated food or water, or by allowing contaminated items to touch or enter the mouth, according to CDC.


In the early 1950s, two prominent medical researchers each found a way to protect the world from Polio. The vaccines created by Dr. Jonas Salk and Dr. Albert Sabin resulted in near eradication of Polio.


When there was no solution to this virus when 58 thousand cases were reported in a year. Jonas Salk  became a national hero when announced the world fist Polio vaccine that was approved in 1955..

YYousuf Kursh

Although it was the first polio vaccine, it was not to be the last; Albert Bruce Sabin also introduced an oral vaccine in the United States in the 1960s that replaced Salk’s vaccine.


The  Polio disease was controlled using the formalin-inactivated Salk's polio vaccine (IPV)  also know as killed virus vaccine and the Sabin oral polio vaccine (OPV) also  called as lived virus vaccine..


In 1988, Global poliomyelitis eradication or polio eradication plan was proposed by the World Health Organization to its member states.


Oral Polio Vaccine is the vaccine of choice for the poliomyelitis eradication program because it induces both a systemic and mucosal immune response and even till today its the preffered choice.


Through the initiative of WHO and other countries, many programs and schemes of mass vaccination have been carried out over the last few decades. Most of the countries have been declared polio free.


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