30 April 2021

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most  To Least Romantic

By Vaibhavi Dahake

Well, being a romantic is the quality only possess it., setting up a candle-light dinner, giving flowers is what everyone wishes. Here's the zodiac signs who are most romantic.

Libra (23 Sept-23 Oct)

Libra's are hopeless romantics at heart. They love the fun of finding loves and chasing them. A romantics gestured=s are the way to that.

Pisces (19 Feb-20 March)

Pisces believes in true love and soul mate connections. they fall hard and fast and 100%. They give their all in that relation.

Cancer (22 June-22 July)

Cancer is traditional in their ideas of love, but they still dream of being swept away by it.

Leo (23 July-22 Aug)

Leo's are warm hearted even though they are called egoistical  and they love to share their passion.

Taurus (20 April-20 May)

Taurous love to pursue their love, they love to wine and dine with loving gestures.

Gemini (21 May-21 June)

Gemini are big on expressing. When they love they love hard and express it. And always go for big gestures.

Scorpio (24 Oct-21 Nov)

Scorpios may be kinda judgmental and sharp tongue, But they are just protecting themselves. They would love to  trust someone.

Virgo (23 Aug-22 Sept)

Vergo's are introverted, they live on being defensive. So big romantic gestures can be embarrassing for them.

The other signs, such as Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius are the least romantic signs. They may find these kind romantic gestures embarrassed, uncomfortable and unnecessary.