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K-dramas on Netflix 2021


Korean culture has been gaining fame across the globe gradually. TV dramas are a part of the cultural fabric. These following K-dramas on Netflix are the most entertaining this year.


The latest hit from South Korea follows the character Vincenzo, who was adopted by the head of Italian Mafia family when he was young. Betrayals run him to Korea where he has to take on a new enemy. Vincenzo is played by Song Joong-Ki.



Like the title suggests, Start-up is about a group of millennial working in Korea's version of Silicon Valley. Being a Korean drama, the show is more rom-com than industry based except it lacks the usual love triangles and meet-cutes etc.



Mental health which is a sensitive subject in Korea is the theme of the show. Seo Ye-ji is popular book author with a personality diorder. She meets Kim Soo-hyun, a psychiatric ward caregiver with autistic brother. The healing begins.

It's okay to not be okay


This Netflix original set in Josean era, the king has strange illness and allegedly dead. It's now upto the Crown prince to uncover the mystery while also dealing with his step-mom and her father both of whom lock him out to grab the throne. Third season is on it's way.



This is a historical drama during Korea's last dynasty before it was annexed by Japan in early 1900s. The protagonist is a U.S Marine who returns home and falls for a noblewoman who is helping secret military fighting for Korea's independence. Love triangles, action, history are the main ingredients.


Mr. sunshine

The protagonist gets expelled for punching a bully who is the son of a powerful person. Then his father dies in a hit-and-run accident. After nearly killing the bully who killed his father, he goes to jail. After release, he tries to take down the person and his company that ruined his life.

Itaewon class


A young woman moves to a small town with her little boy. She gets ridiculed for being a single mom and for running a bar. A local police officer is smitten with her. Though it starts of as a heartwarming rom-com, there's a serial killer on the loose. Her admirer will have to catch him before the woman falls victim.

when the camellia blooms


A high schooler who seems like a bland nerd when in fact he runs security service for illegal prostitution business. A classmate of his discovers the secret and wants in- this is where everything gets complicated and dangerous



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